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VictoriaCars    is committed to protect personal information of all the users visiting its web site. This privacy policy informs you, among other matters, about the personal details obtained (whether you voluntarily decide to supply such details by means of filling in the forms online or sending e-mails) as so of the purpose of collecting such personal details, of the possibility of exercising their right to access, modify, cancel and/or oppose and of the responsible identity and address of the treatment.

By means of the use of this Web Site you declare to have read, know and accept expressively the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. If you do not agree with these terms VictoriaCars    asks you not to use or access this Web Site.

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Guarantee In compliance with the dispositions established in Article 5 of the Spanish Fundamental Law 15/1999 from December 13th about the Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD) and with the Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007 from December 21stabout the development of LOPD, VictoriaCars    informs you that by completing the online reservation form you do accept and authorise Victoria Car Hire S.L. to use and handle automatically the personal data you have provided us with the purpose to inform you about our car rental services, to undertake special product and service offers and to improve our business to client relationship.

Previous information VictoriaCars informs you that all details with an asterisk (*) in the Web Site are compulsory information so, if you do not fill in such details, VictoriaCars    will not be able to render information or access to services that you have requested for.

Consent VictoriaCars    asks you for your consent in order to communicate your data to partners which have to join in the reservation process with the unique purpose to offer you our services. VictoriaCars  is obliged to maintain confidentiality all your data for an exclusive use of the indicated purpose, and guarantees you the security of your personal data to avoid its modification, loss and unauthorized access or use.

Rights You are able to exercise your right of access, modify, cancel and oppose to the use of your details, through any of these ways:

The exercise of such rights has to be carried out by means of an application form addressed to Victoria Car Hire S.L. as the responsible of the file, through any of the ways above mentioned. Application forms have to contain:

Note: in case of usual post, it will be also requested:

In that case, the applicant has to use whichever way that allows him to certify the delivery and reception of the application form. The information shown at this section will be returned to the applicant once the matters of the corresponding application have been checked and solved out.

Navigation This Web Site has not been created to take any kind of personal information through the computer while you are navigating by this Site. This implies that, unless you voluntarily and expressly give us personal information, VictoriaCars    will never know your name, E-mail address or any other information that can identify you.

Anti-spam policy VictoriaCars    is against unsolicited communications, as of any other kind of "spamming" conduct. VictoriaCars does not support, sign, promote or practice that kind of conducts and considers them against its commercial aims. With the object of avoiding these conducts, we ask you not to use personal details (E-mail addresses included) from other persons without previously informing them and obtaining their consent.

In case you receive information about our products or services without having them requested, or without your consent, you are able to communicate us this situation so as Rights section, asking to cancel your subscription from receiving any kind of advertisements.

Transmission of details VictoriaCars    informs you that sending your personal details through Internet implies to do it by a secure coded protocol. This way, VictoriaCars guarantees you a confidential and secure delivery of your details.

Check now our Certificate of Secure Site:

Make your booking with 100% security in VictoriaCars      Spain. Over 20 years experience providing first class service for yours rentals on the Costa Blanca

Nevertheless, you assume the risk of the transmission and are completely responsible for the damages that could arise in case of your data interception or capture by third persons during the transmission.

Of course, as soon as your details are received and filed at VictoriaCars 's systems, they will be protected by secure measures established by the rules applied each moment.

IP addresses (Internet Protocol) An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer each time you access to Internet. When a visitor asks for a web page in this Web Site, the servers of VictoriaCars file the applicant’s IP address in an automated file. VictoriaCars    uses the visitor’s IP addresses to find easily a solution for problems, without establishing any link between the IP addresses and the visitors.

Cookies VictoriaCars inserts cookies in your computer hard disk only to follow-up on the different marketing online campaigns made at some web pages and searchers, without stocking any detail referred to your computer or your conducts in Internet. Anyway, you can check the privacy options that your navigator offers in reference to accept cookies, or consult with an expert in this matter, since through convenient measures, your navigator could remark the Web Sites through which the cookies are set and always decide to accept or reject such cookies.

Links to other sites If you choose the option of leaving VictoriaCars Web Site through links to other Web Sites that do not belong to Victoria Car Hire, S.L., VictoriaCars    is not responsible of the privacy policy, neither for the cookies that they could have stored in your computer.

Changes in the privacy policy VictoriaCars    reserves the right to check, update or amend the contents of the actual privacy policy at any time without any previous notification to the users, except for cases when such notification requires previous consent. Consequently, we recommend you to periodically visit this Web Site in order to know and keep yourself informed about the contents of the policy applied at any time.

Contact us VictoriaCars    is absolutely engaged with the protection of its users’ privacy, and welcomes your comments regarding the accomplishment of the policy here described. Do not hesitate to send us your opinions, criticisms, claims or suggestions concerning the protection of your personal details through the ways described at the Rights section appeared above.