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Car Hire Spain

Discovering Spain with hire car...

Who does not know it? Every country has its own customs. But also its laws and regulations must be observed if you are on holidays with your Spain car hire.
There is no need to hoghlight that you can discover much more in Spain than the great beaches of the Costa Blanca and that a hire car is the appropriate mean of transport for individual travelling in Spain. That’s why we from VictoriaCars Spain have prepared you some interesting facts you should be aware of during your next holidays with your Spain car hire.

Especially for summer holidays and trips exploring Spain’s varied landscapes and natural areas with your rental car, we recommend you to pick a hire car with air conditioning while you are booking. If you are planning to visit one of Spain’s exciting cosmopolitan cities, a GPS from your Spain car hire will spare you from long detours and save your time and nerves. Of course, we inform you that every rental car from your Spain car hire VictoriaCars is equipped with airbags.

What speed limits does your Spain car hire recommends you to respect while travelling in Spain?

If you have decided to use a rental car in Spain, you better follow these speed limits: Inside built-up areas 50km/h, outside built-up areas 90 km/h, on expressways 100km/h and on highways 120km/h.

What should I bear in mind parking my rental car in Spain?

Those who travel with a hire car in Spain and want to avoid unnecessary parking tickets, will have to respect the no-parking zones in town, which are marked with a yellow zigzag line or dashed line on lane’s side. No-standing and no-parking zones for your Spain hired car are marked with a drawn through line.

If you want to park your rental car in Spain in a blue marked parking zone, please pay attention to signs, as these are also restricted parking zones.

Your Spain car hire recommends you to pay attention to the following points if you are on the road with your rental car in Spain:

  • If you are driving with your rental car in Spain and are speaking on the mobile phone without a hands-free kit, you can be fined with about 150€ and you could get 2 points.
  • You have the right of way if you are driving with your rental car in a roundabout.
  • If you are driving with your rental car 50% faster than allowed, or at least 30km/h, it will be seen as a grave offence in Spain and carried with a fine of up to 300 to 600€.
  • As you might not be used to the driving habits on Spanish roads, your car hire Spain recommends you not to drink and drive with your rental car. Nonetheless, the legal blood alcohol limit in Spain is 0.5.
  • In case you need to leave your rental car in Spain outside built-up areas, please wear a yellow warning vest to avoid fines.

You car hire in Spain, VictoriaCars, wishes you a safe and enjoyable trip!

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