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VictoriaCars Rent a Car offers you the best suppliers of car hire in London, at Heathrow airport, Gatwick o Stansted airport.

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Driving a rental car in London

How to visit the London city?

Tipical London buses

London, one of the biggest and most fascinating cities in the world has now become one of the favorite destination of europeans who prefer city tourism. With a wide range of tourist attractions and many accomodaties it offers one of the best alternatives for any visitor.

How to get to the Tamesis city is an easy task because there are several alternatives like taking a plane, train or boat. By plane you can land at the 3 major airports: London City, Heathrow and Gatwick.

For your better comfort, they recomend you to book a service of car rental in London so that you can move around the city without having to rely on buses or subway schedules.

Once you have your rental car and a city map or a GPS navogation system you can go to any part of the city, without and waitings and you can stop anywhere you want to take pictures, to have a coffee or to visit one of their famous stores.

Olimpic Games 2012

Olympic Games Londres 2012

Next year will be one of the best years to visit London. The Olimpic Games 2012 are just around the corner and the entire city is releasing brightness to its monuments and preparing everything ready for the visitors.

The Olimpic area is located in Stanford just 7 minutes away from the centre of the city, where the Olimpic Stadium, the Aquatics Centre, the Velopark, the Olimpic Hockey Centre and also the Thames River area that will host another 5 venues.

There will also be several Olimpic areas in the centre of London, at the new Wembley Stadium, as well as in the surrounding areas where also various competitions will take place. To enjoy London 2012 is advisable to book your car hire in London in advance.

For an unforgettable stayment, London offers over 2000 hotels spread across the city from the most exclusive ones for those who prefer luxury to the most standard ones, but always affering the best service and care which caracterizes the British people.